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Most individuals would love to get rid of these annoying rodents for good. For when mice invade your home, they may cause all sought of issues from damaging property up to making the inhabitants in the home sick. Mice tend to feed on human food; they invade cereal boxes, bread, snacks, pet food and anything that is not tightly sealed. The mice even penetrate through closed cabinets and cupboards to eat the boxed or bagged foods inside. However, cardboard boxes are not the only things that are damaged by mice. These pests can even damage electrical wires that are inside the wall, they can find their way through insulation and can even damage drywall as they scavenge for food or when setting up a place to stay inside your home.

More than just pestsrat

Mice also have a tendency to spread deadly viruses or bacteria due to their movements around cabinets and even sink drainage thus carrying with them all sought of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Mice population can grow rapidly due to their high breeding nature. Once the rodents have made their way into your house, it increases the chances of damaging and putting the residents’ life at risk. It is significant for homeowners to take the necessary precautions as soon as they note any signs of mice infestation.

The ultimate guide to getting rid of mice in simple steps

You can use the following methods to eradicate mice from your home efficiently.

Use peppermint oil

This oil is considered to be a rodent deterrent, and reasonably cheap. All you need to do is put a single drop of peppermint oil on any cotton ball, and then distribute many cotton balls all over your home in areas where the mice use as an entry point into your house.

Use a beeper

Another way of getting rid of mice from your home is by using a zapper that produces an annoying sound that the rodent cannot stand. However, the sound is not harmful to cats and dogs and can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Use a box

If you do not want to get your hands dirty by killing any rodent, you can use a box to trap it and later set it free into the wild. However, you need to make sure that you set it free far away from where you stay.

Use a used cat litter box

Since mice and cats are natural enemies, placing a cat litter at the rodents’ entrance will be highly useful. Once the mice get a sniff of the cat urine in the litter, it will know there is a cat around, and it will run for its life, and hopefully, it will never be seen in your home again.

Fix steel wool into the entrance that the mice are using

white miceSteel wool is relatively cheap. You can easily stop the mice from getting into your home by using steel wool. This method is a fairly easy way of getting rid of mice from your home. There you have it, theĀ Ultimate guide to getting rid of mice. However, it is important to know that mice tend to reproduce abundantly in a short period. Therefore, there is a high possibility that there are more than one mice in your home. So do not stop setting traps after you have caught a single mouse but keep on checking your traps until you can’t see any mice for a week.