5 Benefits of a hot air fryer

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A hot air fryer is a revolutionary cooking machine. It uses super heated air in circulation to reach every part of the food that you are cooking. There are lots of advantages of this type of frying, especially in comparison with a more classic deep fried food.

Benefits of using a hot air fryer

1. Low-calorie food

A hot air fryer adds almost no additional calories to your food. While calories may be useful at certain times, too much of them is never a good option. This cooking tool avoids all those unhealthy fats and keeps your food healthy at all times. A lower amount of calories can keep your weight in check and even help you lose some if you have problems with it.

2. Little to no oil

teaOther than oils from the food that you are air frying, you can completely avoid using any additional oil. Hot air fryer works the best when food is dry, with no grease. This is much healthier than bathing your food in oil by using a traditional deep fryer.

Burning oil creates substances which are medically proven to cause cancer and lead to cardiovascular problems like heart failure. In addition, you will save on buying oil, and saving money is never a bad thing.

3. Easy to use

A hot air fryer is so easy to use that someone, who has very little knowledge and experience, can use it to cook delicious meals. It’s a real novelty in food preparation, the largest one since the microwave ovens were introduced. All you need to do is put your food in there and start it.

This kitchen appliance is fast too; it can save you a lot of time in preparing food. It’s safe to use as well since hot air fryers are equipped with a stopping system to prevent burning.

4. Easy to clean

No oil means not having a mess to clean later on. This is especially true if you prepare low-fat food in your hot air fryer. And even if it gets a little messy with all the food, it’s very easy to clean. You can just wipe it off and save yourself from all the trouble and time waste that comes with all the other dishes.

5. Protects nutrients and taste

healthy foodOne of the most important advantages of using the best hot air fryers like die neue HD9641 is keeping all the nutrients intact. Burning food and frying it in oil creates unhealthy chemical molecules. By doing this, it also destroys the healthy ingredients by losing them in oil or breaking them apart. Hot air frying is a great way to avoid that and keep your food as it is, while keeping its taste as well. It produces crunchy food of delicious taste.