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Most individuals prefer to hire a good pest control company to control the pests that live in and around commercial buildings and homes. Such services are usually categorized into two: general pest control and termite control.

The general pest control deals with bats, birds, rats, mice, chiggers, clover mites, centipedes, millipedes, pillbugs, sowbugs, carpet beetles, cloth moths, silverfish, ticks, wasps/bees, fleas, and ants. The termite pest control, on the other hand, focuses on termites alone. These different pests require various management techniques, and this is a factor in their behavior and biology.

Selecting a Pest Control Company

The selection process for a pest control company in Orlando is as crucial as the other kinds of professional services. The following is a comprehensive guideline:


It is important for any business or person that is dealing with pest control to be licensed. In fact, they ought to have a certified applicator license and a business license. Verify this before you hire one.



A good pest control company ought to provide the client with a number of documents before they begin the application. They include the following:

  1. Contacts for different agencies that can respond to queries concerning potential adverse health effects of the process.
  2. Consumer information sheets that have the applicator’s information.
  3. The pesticide that is going be utilized, as well as safety precautions that must be adhered to reduce exposure.
  4. Proposed date of the application.


Serious pest control companies utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that comprises of routine monitoring. It should be genuine with the aspects, such as availability of non-chemical alternatives, the extent of problem, and pests to be controlled.

Track Record

Find out if the pest control company that you are interested in hiring have any complaints. You can make inquiries from local consumer offices or friends/neighbors that have dealt with a particular company.

on the phone


Reliable companies that offer pest control services usually guarantee their work. If they do not then there is a need to be afraid. Furthermore, research on what you have to do to keep your end of the bargain about guaranteed work.

Pest Control Association

Select a company that is affiliated with a professional pest control association. This is because these associations regularly inform members of new developments in pest control regulations, research, training, safety, and techniques. A company that is part of such an association is one that values quality.


There are numerous benefits that are associated with hiring a professional pest control company. Some of them include the following:

pest control Professional pest control services have a wealth of experience. They attend on-going training, and are more familiar with an array of treatment methods. In addition, expensive pest control equipment is readily available to them.

• They know techniques that are most effective and very safe to use. Thus, you can save money that would have otherwise been used for expensive pesticides, which pests have become resistant to.

• Professional pest control services have follow-up visits that are designed to gauge the efficacy of the last treatment. These visits help to keep pest infestations at bay.


pest eradication

Pest infestation is one big challenge you can encounter at home. Pests can leave a trail of destruction in your home. There are insect pests that can eat up your furniture and wooden structures, leaving them weak. Some of them will expose you to a number of diseases. Take an example of cockroaches that can attack your food and leave disease-causing microorganisms on them.

Cockroaches and other flies do carry disease-causing microorganisms. At times, they do destroy the food you have stored. Make sure you keep your food covered before going to sleep. Bugs can suck off your blood, denying you a good night’s sleep and also expose you to illnesses like anemia.

The other class of pests is made up of rodents. This includes animals like mice, rats, and moles. They are both field and storage pests becausepest eradication they do destroy your plants and whatever is in your storage. You can take several measures to stop them. There are rodent control companies that will help you eradicate these pests entirely, and also prevent them from attacking you again.

One can also set up measures like the use of pest-proof features to help curb the destruction or infestation of such animals. Hiring a pest control company is the best option of them all. Here is why you should hire one.


One good reason to hire a pest control company is because of the level of expertise they have when it comes to controlling the infestation of such animals. They have the right knowledge on how to handle rodent or insect infestation in your home. They will examine your home and apply the proper procedures that will ensure all the pests in your home are completely eradicated.

Right Equipment

Pest control experts usually use advanced equipment for their jobs. They will come with sprayers and the right chemicals that will completely subdue the pest together with their larva. They also have protective gear for this kind of work. Doing it with bare hands and with no face masks may see you inhale or touch chemicals, and this will expose you to a number of risks.

Complete Eradication

The other good thing about seeking the services of a pest control company is that they will ensure total eradication of pests from your home.rodent eating food The kind of chemicals they use will kill the insects together with their eggs or larvae, and this gives no room for mutation. Hiring them will eradicate pests from your home altogether.

white mice 2


Most individuals would love to get rid of these annoying rodents for good. For when mice invade your home, they may cause all sought of issues from damaging property up to making the inhabitants in the home sick. Mice tend to feed on human food; they invade cereal boxes, bread, snacks, pet food and anything that is not tightly sealed. The mice even penetrate through closed cabinets and cupboards to eat the boxed or bagged foods inside. However, cardboard boxes are not the only things that are damaged by mice. These pests can even damage electrical wires that are inside the wall, they can find their way through insulation and can even damage drywall as they scavenge for food or when setting up a place to stay inside your home.

More than just pestsrat

Mice also have a tendency to spread deadly viruses or bacteria due to their movements around cabinets and even sink drainage thus carrying with them all sought of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Mice population can grow rapidly due to their high breeding nature. Once the rodents have made their way into your house, it increases the chances of damaging and putting the residents’ life at risk. It is significant for homeowners to take the necessary precautions as soon as they note any signs of mice infestation.

The ultimate guide to getting rid of mice in simple steps

You can use the following methods to eradicate mice from your home efficiently.

Use peppermint oil

This oil is considered to be a rodent deterrent, and reasonably cheap. All you need to do is put a single drop of peppermint oil on any cotton ball, and then distribute many cotton balls all over your home in areas where the mice use as an entry point into your house.

Use a beeper

Another way of getting rid of mice from your home is by using a zapper that produces an annoying sound that the rodent cannot stand. However, the sound is not harmful to cats and dogs and can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Use a box

If you do not want to get your hands dirty by killing any rodent, you can use a box to trap it and later set it free into the wild. However, you need to make sure that you set it free far away from where you stay.

Use a used cat litter box

Since mice and cats are natural enemies, placing a cat litter at the rodents’ entrance will be highly useful. Once the mice get a sniff of the cat urine in the litter, it will know there is a cat around, and it will run for its life, and hopefully, it will never be seen in your home again.

Fix steel wool into the entrance that the mice are using

white miceSteel wool is relatively cheap. You can easily stop the mice from getting into your home by using steel wool. This method is a fairly easy way of getting rid of mice from your home. There you have it, the Ultimate guide to getting rid of mice. However, it is important to know that mice tend to reproduce abundantly in a short period. Therefore, there is a high possibility that there are more than one mice in your home. So do not stop setting traps after you have caught a single mouse but keep on checking your traps until you can’t see any mice for a week.